The waters of the River Severn in the Ironbridge Gorge,which total approximately 5 miles on either bank,are in the control of several different fishing clubs and organisations. Some sections are private, and no fishing is allowed, some are available to fish on a day or season ticket basis, and some are free fishing stretches either because they belong to the Environment Agency, or to the town through which the River flows.

Wherever you wish to fish on the River, you must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency rod license, in addition to any clubs day or season ticket. For information about purchasing an Environment Agency rod license, please refer to the "E.A.LICENSE" section of this website.

Having purchased your rod license,you will need to decide whereabouts in the gorge you would like to fish. To help you with this, please refer to the map of the River in the "FISHERIES MAP" section of this website. Here you will find information about which fishing club controls each section of the River and also where the free-fishing stretches are.

To help you choose where to go fishing and to find out more about where fish are being caught, check out the latest comments in the "FORUM" section of this website.

To find out more about the condition of the River,how high it is,how much colour there is in it etc, please check the latest River reports in the "RIVER NEWS" section of this website.

Having decided where and when you want to go fishing (with the exception of the free water stretches), you will now need to purchase a club ticket for the section you wish to visit. Most of the waters in the Ironbridge Gorge are available for fishing on a day-ticket basis. These tickets are available by either contacting the club who's waters you wish to fish direct, using the list of contact numbers in the "FISHERIES MAP" section of this website, or by contacting the local tackle supplier, Ironbridge Tackle & Bait, using the "TACKLE & BAIT" section of this website.

Many of the fishing clubs also offer annual membership as well as day-tickets, and if you intend to fish a particular clubs waters frequently, an annual membership, or season ticket, could be a good option and save you money. Once again, these types of ticket are available either direct from the respective club, or over-the -counter at Ironbridge Tackle & Bait.

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