About The Ironbridge Angling Society

The Ironbridge Angling Society is one of the oldest fishing Societies in Great Britain. It has links back to the days of the Cope-Darby family, and the lands that they owned along the banks of the River Severn. Over the years, many great anglers have been members of the IRONBRIDGE ANGLING SOCIETY (IAS), some beginning their fishing careers here in the Gorge, others joining later in life having moved into the area.

Originally, the Society rented waters along the Severn, for the use of members, day-ticket holders and for staging fishing competitions. These days, IAS aims to promote and support angling in the Ironbridge Gorge, through raising awareness of the links between people visiting the area to go fishing and the resultant income for businesses in the area in general.

The Society has identified key areas within this scenario where the funds which it raises, through membership, donations, fund-raising, tackle hire & advertising etc; can be utilised to improve the community asset and amenity value of the River, with reference to the articles of its constitution.

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