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Throughout the coarse angling season (June 16th - March 14th inclusive), members of the Ironbridge Angling Society endeavour to host weekly fishing expeditions, on various stretches of the River Severn here in the Ironbridge Gorge, weather and river conditions permitting.

We fish for different species, using different methods and at different locations, depending upon what the anglers present want to do.

We welcome novice anglers and the more experienced alike on these trips and we always try our best to have some fun as well as catch lots of fish!!

We generally aim to go fishing every Thursday,but we can try to arrange other days, provided we are given sufficient notice.

We meet up at our local tackle supplier, Ironbridge Tackle and Bait (31 High Street, Ironbridge, Telford) at 10.00am, before heading off to the river.

If you would like more information about these trips,or would like to take part, please contact a member of staff of Ironbridge Tackle & Bait, on:01952 433040-(9.00am-5.00pm-7 days-per-week) or:07966 520933-(anytime).

Please note that pre-booking onto these expeditions is essential. These trips provide an ideal opportunity for visiting or new local anglers to get a taste for the sport here in the Gorge,using one of the four fishing sets which the Society has access to and which are available for hire. For more details about this feature, please check out "TACKLE HIRE" in the "TACKLE & BAIT" section of this website.

The Society also holds other angling events throughout the course of the year, and full details of these are advertised in advance and can be viewed in the "FORTHCOMING EVENTS" area above.

On the social front, we hold a club meeting on the third Wednesday of every month, which everyone is welcome to attend. Our meetings commence at 8.00pm, and are held at a local venue, which again, is advertised in advance and can be viewed in the "FORTHCOMING EVENTS" area above.

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