Constitution of the Ironbridge Angling Society

The name of the Society shall be the Ironbridge Angling Society.


The Society exists as a not for profit organisation, for the purpose of promoting and supporting angling in the Ironbridge Gorge.

To this end this will include, but not be limited to:

  • Improving and maintaining physical access to the River Severn between the Much Wenlock and Coalport bridges, for the purpose of angling
  • Providing access for disabled anglers
  • Providing training and support for anyone wishing to take up angling (e.g. young people, retired people, ethnic minorities;)
  • Making representations to responsible bodies
  • Be a contact point for information about the river
  • Holding events for members and others
  • Ensuring that angling is included in development and promotional plans for the Gorge
  • Reporting on health and safety hazards to get those responsible to improve things
  • Promoting Ironbridge as a destination for anglers and their families


In furtherance of its purposes the Society may apply for, and use, grants, donations, materials, and other funds and resources as it may raise.


Membership of the Society shall be open to everyone with an interest in the purposes of the Society.


The officers will be:

Chairman, Development Officer, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be elected annually at an Annual General Meeting of members and shall continue in office until stepping down or losing an election. Each candidate must be both nominated, and seconded, by a member of the Society. Other officers may be co-opted from time to time as required.

There shall be made available an annual report of the business carried out on behalf of the Society.

An Annual General Meeting of the Society, publicised at least 1 month in advance will be held between March 15th and June 16 each year.

No officer of the Society may receive any payment for discharging their responsibilities except for repayment of expenses necessarily incurred.

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